viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Mrs Grimaraes’ invasion

(From my stories book "The dirty woman and the Priest" - Picture: Judith Brand - Canada)

I realized that it was her at the seafood shop. I kept on thinking on how to catch her look which branched of without reaching to me. My Scientific paradise got soured before meeting her again and knowing a little more about this Mrs. Grimaraes. It was forty-four nights coming back home and leaving the lights on at the laboratory, just for revenge. I observed how people with such a ridiculous bravery got into the dancing school. I did not go out to drown into alcohol, because Asthma ties me to the cinematographic possibility of being ridiculous at the night clubs. I had the intention of falling in love with her. I desire her and I put my ass on that truth, turning my eyes away from that bar which I do not dare to get into.

After the laboratory, I waked through different places where trinkets are sold, so as to find the replica of “the Kiss” by Bouguereau. My little acts of revenge were rewarding on those days; I left the light on, the cups with the coffee grounds hardening, my pinafore invaded slowly by the old formaldehyde and the acetic glacial acid closed so as to let the cockroaches survive. Something I would have never dared to do it before was now being done with such self-confidence. My life up to now was to find out in the shade of the director. Create another thing; this occurred to me after having known who she really was.

I went out several times at seven instead of ten and I bought a pair of binoculars to defy my astigmatism and myopia. I drank coffee with a dash of milk and I smoke for the very first time.

The woman next-door has her dog tied and with horror I discover myself into him one morning. My mother called four times. I don’t want meat wrapped with cabbage as it used to be, mum; slipping down the melancholy of the minimum wickedness gives me asthma. Finally there is something I do not want to control; Deidamia Grimaraes do not only buy exotic seafood every two afternoons, close to the house, she is also the main shareholder of the factory of collars for dogs and who paid to the doctor Triquitonge, by paying and important sum of money to create “an animal which gnaw the collars of dogs and therefore an increase of consumption of these collars would occur”, explanation closed by doctor, with that Economist lexis so unusual to me. Since working with Triquitonge, I have experienced with such excellent results and I never dared to ask for a cent. I keep with myself, with a dignity commitment, various arguments if he is ever awarded. I have dreamt of staying in a theatre full of eminent scientists from all over the world and getting up from my velvet carmine seat with a folder which proves their corrupt tendency and shout loudly and clearly that I have done bad things in his name.

My flat is in an exquisite way untidy, washing the dishes made me sell the wash-disher, daring to put the advertisment in “Mercado Libre” (an Internet sites where goods can be sold and bought) and even more a picture of it. I open myself to the world with the fascination from the cruel to the wait.

Doctor Triquitogne told me part of the project, but today he expanded it and my face was the same as usual. My myopia and my nose which remain red give me a pusillanimous aspect which is easily overwhelmed as Triquitongne likes it.

Deidamia was at the beach when I discovered the DNA of the sea rat, which is essential to have the collars of the dogs gnawed, so she could sell much more. In her excessive ambition I imagine Deidamia licking it mixed meat with the everyday seafood. All poured with champagne at seven in the evening.
The neigbour’s dog got free three weeks later after the first samples of the sea rats in the city were released. Triquitongne himself planted first samples in the park Saint Contardo, fifteen squares away from here. He is so obsessive that he cuts from the newspapers the news about this strange invasion. Mum does the same and called me to tell me what holds the whole city up.

It is madness what is going on, it is incredible what the world has get to…
- Mamma, I created that animal, at the same extension laboratory of zoological research

- That you created? Are you crazy? There is so many vermin and filth in this world and you dare to create this nasty marine squirrel?

– Mamma, I don’t decide it myself, the laboratory works in this world on the requests from the industries…

What do you think your father would say? Why don’t you continue with the Flatulin fish? I still have six in my fish tank, and they keep on giving colour to the water with their farts as if it were their first day, they are so sweet! Why all this? That sea rat would bring, who knows which stinks from the depths!... You should reali… I cut down with such a strange determination.
I thought in the evening walk of Deidamia. She could. The sense of things is like a needle which surgically questions every day without hurting me. I cannot make a correct use of the binoculars but making my left eye to concentrate I can see how she meditates at the beach and she is reached by an unaccountable animal.-


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